Neil Cryer – Winner of the LCACA Arts and Crafts Festival 2022
Jacaranda Display, Link Arcade, Grafton
Display of members work, Jacaranda Festival 2021, Link Arcade Grafton
Bob Holder
Fiona McNeven
Eric Fuller
Terry Hulm -Turned, pierced and carved.
Ron Moore – Band-sawn Box and cheese board.
Terry Hulm – River Table
Pat Johnson – Turned spire – ebony and sea urchin shells.
Alan Bishop – Desk – Coastal Cypress and Flooded Gum
Rob Chesworth – Strip plank kayak
Jim Morrison – Clock – Blackwood Burl
Andrew Grady – milling timber
Roy Ellery – Turned and pierced bowl – Jacaranda
Pat Johnson – Turned and decorated platter – Jacaranda
Lauren Noordhof – Carved Toys
Alan Bishop – Desk – Coastal Cypress and Flooded Gum
Rob Chesworth – Top Spinner and tops
Alan Bishop – Ginko Leaf Bowl – White Beech. Carved during a class with Grant Vaughan
Rob Chesworth – Marine ply kayak
The late Ron Smythe – Display Cabinet Red Cedar
Alan Bishop – Rocking Horse – Oregon, Jarrah
Jim Morrison – Demilune hall table
Athol Crispin – Dressing Table Mirror
Pat Johnson – turned and carved bowl
Steve Dodd – Musical Chair
Bill Andrew’s truck in the foreground of the Jacaranda 2021 display in the Link Arcade, Grafton
Bill Andrews – Intarsia
Dick White – Turned Bowl
Rob Faulkner
Niel Cryer
Ken McGrath – Document Box – Red Cedar and other timbers
Neil Cryer – Turned and pierced bowl – Jacaranda
Alan Bishop – Small Box – Ebony, driftwood
John Philipse – Segmented Bowl
Rob Chesworth – Grandfather Clock
Andrew Grady – Document Boxes
Alan Bishop – Coffee Table – Cadagi and Flooded Gum
Neil Cryer – Three Drawer Box
Rob Chesworth – Ant farm
Jim Morrison – Side Table – Cedar
Alan Bishop – Dragon Fly Box – Flooded Gum, Camphor Laurel, Rosewood
Bob Aitken – Winged Bowl – Camphor Laurel
Neil Cryer – Turned and pierced sphere – Jacaranda
Athol Crispin – Red cedar
Alan Bishop – Mobius Disk – Camphor Laurel
Alan Bishop – Dining Chair – Turpentine, ebonised

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