Jacaranda Display, Link Arcade, Grafton
Display of members work, Jacaranda Festival 2021, Link Arcade Grafton
Bob Holder
Fiona McNeven
Eric Fuller
Terry Hulm -Turned, pierced and carved.
Ron Moore – Band-sawn Box and cheese board.
Terry Hulm – River Table
Pat Johnson – Turned spire – ebony and sea urchin shells.
Alan Bishop – Desk – Coastal Cypress and Flooded Gum
Rob Chesworth – Strip plank kayak
Jim Morrison – Clock – Blackwood Burl
Andrew Grady – milling timber
Roy Ellery – Turned and pierced bowl – Jacaranda
Pat Johnson – Turned and decorated platter – Jacaranda
Lauren Noordhof – Carved Toys
Alan Bishop – Desk – Coastal Cypress and Flooded Gum
Rob Chesworth – Top Spinner and tops
Alan Bishop – Ginko Leaf Bowl – White Beech. Carved during a class with Grant Vaughan
Rob Chesworth – Marine ply kayak
The late Ron Smythe – Display Cabinet Red Cedar
Alan Bishop – Rocking Horse – Oregon, Jarrah
Jim Morrison – Demilune hall table
Athol Crispin – Dressing Table Mirror
Bill Andrew’s truck in the foreground of the Jacaranda 2021 display in the Link Arcade, Grafton
Bill Andrews – Intarsia
Dick White – Turned Bowl
Rob Faulkner
Niel Cryer
Ken McGrath – Document Box – Red Cedar and other timbers
Neil Cryer – Turned and pierced bowl – Jacaranda
Alan Bishop – Small Box – Ebony, driftwood
John Philipse – Segmented Bowl
Rob Chesworth – Grandfather Clock
Andrew Grady – Document Boxes
Alan Bishop – Coffee Table – Cadagi and Flooded Gum
Neil Cryer – Three Drawer Box
Rob Chesworth – Ant farm
Jim Morrison – Side Table – Cedar
Alan Bishop – Dragon Fly Box – Flooded Gum, Camphor Laurel, Rosewood
Bob Aitken – Winged Bowl – Camphor Laurel
Neil Cryer – Turned and pierced sphere – Jacaranda
Athol Crispin – Red cedar
Alan Bishop – Mobius Disk – Camphor Laurel
Alan Bishop – Dining Chair – Turpentine, ebonised