Show and Tell from the June Meeting

Steve Dodd’s CNC Box

The June club meeting was well attended, despite the cold but sunny weather!

The highlight of the meeting was a presentation by Bob Aitken and Terry Hulm on the use of resins in their work. Unfortunately, I had to leave early, and missed a very slick and informative presentation – regretfully, we have no photos!

A diverse range of pieces were put up for ‘Show and Tell’. Steve Dodd and Alan Bishop shared the draw for vouchers.

Steve Clarke’s Cigar Box Guitar
Colin Lang’s Puzzle piece. Unfortunately, Colin dropped the puzzle, and couldn’t get it back together!
A Bandsawn Box by Darby Munro – made from a piece of the legendary ‘Mongrel Mango’.
A Plectrum Holder – built by Steve Dodd for his daughter to hold guitar picks. CNC machined.
A mallet – made by Colin Lang’s grandson.
Paper Napkin Holder – made by Steve Dodd while learning to use his CNC machine.

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